You may or may not have seen this name across all social media platforms but Community Guru is one that you probably want to get to know. 

I had a chance to be interviewed with the man behind Community Guru Vidal Paulino two times this past year and now it is my turn to do the same with him.

Vidal gave me an exclusive that he has not told anyone else. Now, I am not going to spoil it and give it all away right now, you’re just going to have to read my full interview with the Community Guru himself, Vidal Paulino to get the details.

Vidal Paulino aka Community Guru. (photo taken by: Tyler Lankston)

For those that may not know the man behind Community Guru, tell us a little bit about yourself.  My name is Vidal Paulino. I was born with a complex congenital heart defect which caused my heart get switched to the right side of my chest. Thank God everyday to being alive. I am an Entrepreneur and content creator, I enjoy challenging myself creatively and anything that I want to do I will do it to the best of my ability.

You are just 15 years old and have a brand established with Community Guru, when did it click that this could be something?  When I first started I had no plan but a vision. I knew I wanted to become one of the biggest media companies ever. All I did to get started which is something some people struggle doing is just getting started and going for it. For me when I realized this will turn into something is when I interviewed some of my idols. That alone was HUGE for me and for me to even got the opportunity to talk with them is when I knew I could do big things.

You have 13.4K followers on your official Twitter page. You overwhelmed by the support you have received again, at such a young age? I wouldn’t say it’s overwhelming but it for sure is a blessing. I’m honored and thankful to have people who read every interview, like every tweet, and just show support. Although I have bigger followings on Instagram with other accounts every single one of the people that follow me I am thankful for. 4. I play on the PlayStation

Lets talk gaming. What is in your rotation right now? What consoles do you own?  Right now I play a lot of Fornite with my squad (you know who you are.) I play A LOT of NBALIVE19. I love the direction that the game is going and it just continues to improve. I’ll continue to support it. Lastly I play Madden and Battlefield as well.

image1Who do you look up to in your quest?  There are many people that I look up to and people that inspire me. My family always keeps me going. My close friends always inspire me because they are always there for me and I can always count on them, I am Thankful for all of them. Some other famous figures that you may know that I have had interactions with are Stephen Curry and Drake. They are both huge inspirations.

What is your outlook for CG? Where do you see it going in the next few years?  All I do is improve. In the next few years I see CG being a thing that many people know of and recognize. God willing I believe CG w be a big media company with a good reputation. I know I have the tools to do these things I just have to DO IT.

You‘ve had the chance to interview many, what is your best type of interview to give? Entertainment, video gamers, developers?  For me I pick who I am interested in interviewing. The best thing about running your own company is you do what you want to do. I am interested in so many careers and different things. Everyone I have interviewed I have a huge appreciate and respect for. All of them have been incredible interviews which end up being amazing because everyone is unique and brings a interesting element to the conversation.

Your final thoughts. Is there anything else you want to talk about that? Any upcoming projects on the horizon for CG?  Keys to Success: Have a burning passion to succeed at anything you want to do. Make sure you have good people around you. Not “Yes men” who approve everything you do. If you don’t have people looking out for you, you can become lost and confused. Don’t worry about the money. That will come at the right time. If you’re doing what you’re doing for the money and not because you love it then what you’re doing isn’t for you. Lastly have fun and enjoy what you do.

The CG Clothing brand is coming soon. Many different collections for boys and girls that are extremely dope and I’m excited for the brand to launch our clothing line. Content OVERLOAD coming as well. Documentaries of things I have done/doing are dropping as well. Music is also going to be a big part of what I do. Gaming will always be home as well which is why in the next week or two a big announcement is coming.

My goal is to take the “Content Creator/Entrepreneur” term to a whole new level and I know my team and I are doing just that. Stay Tuned.

I would like to take this time to personally thank Vidal for taking the time to chat with me and give others insight regarding Community Guru and where he plans to take his brand.

Do us a favor and give him a follow on Twitter, Instagram as well as checking out his blog as well. A lot of great stuff coming out from this young man.

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